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I Work With The Best Brands

I Plan, Launch, & Manage

In the past 5 years,

I have helped countless Amazon store owners scale from making peanuts on their main products to launching whole new catalogs from the profits of their hero product.

I run multidimensional campaigns that are not just focused on lowering ACOS but also on building a brand in real-time that lets people participate and feel heard. 

Take your products to their peak potential and make more than ever before with my team of experts, behind you.

Inc. 5000 brands trust my expertise!

Long-term planning and strategies (no quick death ads)

No unreasonable fees - I charge standard and overdeliver

Realistic promises and on-time delivery!

How I Operate


Sweet, punchy, and crucial evaluation points to determine possible growth and identifying obstacles.


Qualifying store, figuring out the numbers & finalizing communication channels on a value packed call.

Deep Dive Audit

Qualifying store, figuring out the numbers & finalizing communication channels on a value packed call.


Jump right into action and start delivering results on set targets. It couldn’t be more simpler than this!

What People Say About Me

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Humbled to have been Top Rated PLUS on Upwork

Let's take your brand to a whole new level of profits!

Here’s what I love the most and deliver the best at…

Amazon Listing Optimization

Enhance your product listings for better discoverability and increased conversions with a data-driven approach to make sure your products stand out in a sea of copycats.

Amazon Creative Services

Start captivating your audience with compelling visuals and engaging content that makes your brand memorable. Maximizing CTR (Click-Through Rates) and CVR (Conversion Rates) staying one step ahead of everyone else.

Amazon Advertising Management

Sell better with ads that not only are green in numbers but also boost visibility, authority, and profitability based on a real long-term growth strategy.

Amazon Brand Management

I execute everything that you don't have time to do...and do them well. I take your brand on a journey of growth and visibility, freeing up your time and energy that you can channel into more fun things!

Learn the best strategies 7 & 8 figures sellers use!

Stay up to date with important industry trends, new strategies, and guidance on how to help your business grow with professional insight from our team.

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